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Alpha Digitech is a revolutionary digital entertainment company catering to diverse tech savvy group. It is largest aggregator, developer, publisher and distributor of South Indian entertainment content in the world, acquiring worldwide exclusive rights. Alpha Digitech is on a pursuit to provide exceptional digital content in form of music tracks, movies, music videos, ringtones and wallpaper. Besides it also endows ringtones, ring backs and full track downloads for all major mobile carriers.

Alpha Digitech is privileged to own The Karnataka Alps which is a pompously named Celebrity Badminton League. It is a league featuring franchise of celebrity Badminton, with the best of Sandalwood Film industry centralized in an exhilarating Badminton league. FurthermoreAlpha Digitech amplifies Alp Photography which provides opportunity and promotes budding models, photographers, designers and makeup artist to limelight their talents.

To progress into India’s leading music aggregator, platform player and to provide job opportunities to few thousands of people.

To own an online radio, free music app and great platform for music distribution in India and internationally.


Content Aggrigation

We maintain pro-active, closely managed relationships with an array of local and international entertainment content providers and producers. We have a critical eye on local market trends and demands, up-and-coming talent and top sellers. This knowledge benefits our partners as quality content generates revenue and their service offerings are perceived to have a higher value by their subscribers.

Content Management

One of the biggest benefits for partners is the fact that they no longer need to deal with multiple contracts for multiple entertainment content providers or deploying platforms. Alpha Digitech handles all contract negotiations, renewals, payments and revisions of the aggregated contents to make it easy for partners.

Content Marketing

We do not stop at Aggregation and management of entertainment content, we market the same. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributingvaluable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience andultimately, to drive profitable action.

Content Production

One of the key factors here is believing in what we produce. The production session is the stage where everything seems to happen in our studio, certainly in a capture sense. Artists, bands, session artists, creative artists, A/V team, engineers, and producers all combine under one roof to create entertainment content.

Team Members


Justin Samuel James

Founder and MD

In 14 June 2012 Justin Samuel James pioneered Alpha digitech, one of the leading content aggregators, who distributes digital contents in video streaming platform. He administers the company by providing high echelon clients with superior, professional and effective premium content. As the director of this company, he has established executive management track record over the years and also organize all global and content marketing management. Which bestows Alpha Digitech as leading music aggregators down south and internationally.

Praveen TP

Co-Founder / Head - Content And Operations

Praveen is a pioneer in interactive web­based content, He also heads the Content Operations of Alpha Digitech.


Senior Manager

A dynamic & result oriented professional with years of experience in Content Operations, content delivery and team management to enhance productivity innovatively. As a senior member of the process, manages the overall responsibility of services and delivering the client requirements in line with project management methodologies.

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