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Image building Activity – Engage a holistic approach towards recreating a complete new market posture for the client which would include scrubbing any current content and utilizing existing content towards a change.
Campaign Ideas – Explained in detail on another slide – Will engage in a clean and crisp campaign with new ideas and workflows designed to engage voter audiences across age groups.
Posts – Campaign and general posts targeted at influencing the Clients visibility across platforms.
Party Spotlight – Engage the Party leadership in specific activities that will drive their visibility across and ensure that Client position in party is enhanced.
On ground Videos – Look at a spread of videos on different spectrums that positions the Clients image value for age groups and target audience.
Rallies – Look at contributing current trends and topics for speeches and media at political and campaign rallies.

Branding – Look at working with branding that helps generate a clean positive image of the Client and also engage in a minimalistic no frills approach towards personal branding.