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We ensure the world is viewing your content, in time, all the time..

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We deploy your content on platforms to help you reach your goals.

Content Management

We understand your vision for your content and match it with our passion, to help it become a reality. So take a pick from any of our world class management solutions. Which type of content would you like us to help you on? see more...

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Music Distribution

Get all ears on YOUR MUSIC!!! Distribute, Monetize and maximize profits from your music all in one place, hassle free! Be heard across leading Indian & International platforms.We also provide free ISRC and UPC codes with every release. see more...

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YouTube Monetization

With over 300+ successfully running YouTube channels & a reach of over 50 million YouTube subscribers, we won't be lying when we call ourselves “YouTube experts”. If you are looking to maximize your reach & and your profits on YouTube then look no further. see more...

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Web Development

We at Alpha Digitech are passionate and determined to provide our clients with quality web development services that provide your business with an intuitive, interactive and innovative website to increase your online visibility. see more...

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Content Marketing

As today every business relies on the Internet for their success, the answer to the question ‘why use content marketing’ is quite obvious. Hence the purposes for the content marketing is many. So to begin with creating the expert content for your company, you should read this meaningful information which will help you accomplish your goal. see more...

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Content Aggregation

We at Alpha Digitech, are a conduit to help you distribute your music globally through digital stores and streaming platforms. We aggregate content by paying upfront minimum guarantee fees and/or charging a percentage of revenue earned from the streaming and downloading of your music. see more...

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Content Creation

Innovative, profitable and custom content creation is what we do! Music, Videos, Photography, Animation, Jingles , Logo Creation, Content writing, Blogs writing, Audio & Video Ads, celebrity interviews & so much more! see more...

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How we do

A fresh approach to content management for content producers

Our Approach
  • Goals

    Great content management starts with an understanding of your content, audience and goals. At Alpha Digitech we help you with advanced strategies of managing and distributing your content. see more...

  • Plans

    Goals without a plan are just a dream– so at Alpha Digitech our team of industry experts will work with you to develop strategic plans.

  • Actions

    Plans require action or they are just words – at Alpha Digitech we work with you to implement your strategic plans.

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A fresh approach to content management services for content producers.


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